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Discover Your Farm's Profits

Easily generate profit maps using your precision ag data

Load in precision ag layers from the three largest providers with just a few clicks. Log in to your Climate FieldView, John Deere Ops Center, or CNH Industrial account to seamlessly load your operations data. Once loaded, data can be tied to prices and used to generate profit maps.


Edit Operations Layers and Prices

Edit your harvest, seeding, chemical, and fertilizer unit prices to get the best results from your profit map. Easily add non-operational blanket costs and revenues, like labor or subsidies, to paint the complete picture of your farm's costs and revenues.


Manually Create Operations Layers

Create custom zones for seeding, chemical, fertilizer, harvest, or other operations. ProfitLayers has four unique zone creation tools to make creating manual layers easy. Use the price template wizard to create a baseline for different crop scenarios, and generate yield forecasts using AI models. Even without precision layers, ProfitLayers still delivers results.


Create manual operations layers

View All of Your Maps Together

View all precision and manually created layers and compare them side by side. Use elevation layers and advanced elevation metrics such as slope and terrain ruggedness to make better decisions for your field. 

Profit Layers
Operations Layers
Elevation Layers

Analysis Tools and Charts

View a pie chart of your total costs per acre, and gain insight into profit correlations with the scatter plot analysis tool. View relations between profits and other variables such as elevation, slope, seeding density, or application rates. Use the zone analysis tool to compare profits across custom zones.


Scatter plot analysis comparing slope to profits

Download Data and Generate PDF Reports

Download both precision and manually created operations layers as rasters or shapefiles for use in GIS tools. Generate a summary PDF report showing your ProfitLayers along with helpful charts and graphs. 


Connect your preferred Precision Ag system to get started

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