ProfitLayers creates location-based profit maps for your field, with analysis tools designed for maximum understanding, with or without precision equipment data. Easily integrate your precision data and generate yield predictions using AI models, then analyze profit and variety correlations and export a PDF for easy reporting.

Access and manage your precision ag data directly in ArcGIS Pro, then build custom ProfitLayers profit maps and analysis for your fields. Access proprietary data conversion tools, including ADAPT file conversions, and data streams, including elevation maps, satellite imagery, and more.


Order high-resolution drone imagery, including true-color and NDVI, and supplement with AI-driven diagnostics reports like stand count, pest detection, and more. Flights and delivery can be finished in as little as 3-5 days.


Order high-quality water management and engineering consultations and services, including solutions for tile drainage, surface drainage, topography, and watersheds.

An engineer will typically contact you within 1-2 days to confirm your order and plan a process of action. All results, maps, and reports will be distributed to the customer through the ProfitLayers site.


Use DataLayers to access free, reliable map layers clipped directly to your fields. Gain direct insights into the unique characteristics of your field. Our high quality data includes soil and elevation layers from the USGS, Landsat and Sentinel satellite data, and land coverage data from the USDA.


Our Farmland Sales API provides users with instant access to land sale data across the Midwest. Easily filter land by sale status, view land statistics and seller information, and gain direct access to parcel boundaries. Powered by FarmlandFinder.


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